On The Bright Side Exclusive Bonuses

60-minute Teaching Video: Melanie shares a range of intimate, emotional, and sometimes hilarious stories that demonstrate that even when we establish goals and set our life's path, it doesn't always turn out like what we planned, and that's not a bad thing. Invite your friends over to watch it together!
Discussion Guide:
Book Club Discussion Guide: Become your most genuine-self by following along with Melanie Shankle's chapter discussion questions. You'll dive deep into the importance of finding the bright side in being true to yourself, loving others, being brave, & more! Great for individual or group study.
First 3 Chapters (Audio + PDF):
(Audio + PDF): Start reading and listening to On the Bright Side immediately! Includes the audiobook and a PDF of The Bright Side of Finding Your People, The Bright Side of Giving Up on Comparing and Competing, and The Bright Side of Finding Yourself in the Middle.